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Jason Collins attacked by Mattoon paper for not repenting his gayness

In a poorly written barrage of single-sentence paragraphs (that has since been picked up by Salon), Brian Nielsen, the Sports Editor of Mattoon’s Journal Gazette & Times-Courier (try saying that ten times fast), used his marginal platform to declare that Jason Collins, the first openly gay athlete actively playing in a major sport, is not a hero:

Heroes are those who battled to capture the Boston Marathon bombers recently.

Nielsen goes on to say more stupid words:

To compare the plight of Collins with his own lifestyle choice to Robinson’s should really insult Jackie’s family today. It even bothers me.

Oh does it? I can’t imagine why? Could it be that you have a bible stuck up your ass?

Be assured that Collins could find book, chapter and verse time and time again to point out my sins using the same Bible that I read to note one of his.

The difference is I would hope to find mercy and forgiveness not applause.

How’d I guess?

Nielsen (who does God knows what to men, women, and children behind closed doors before repenting to a higher power) goes on to make several more hateful statements and comparisons before he lets this one go:

‘I’m black and I am gay,’ he said as if one has anything to do with the other.

Courageous? This announcement comes during a time in our society when so-called political correctness has overwhelmingly trumped Christian morals and a time when Collins was going to get positive feedback. Somehow, many have decided they know the rules better than God. 

WWJD? Apparently he’d write a shitty column for a backwards-ass downstate Illinois rag telling his little subsection of the world that he thinks gay people are gross.

I guess Jesus was a real dick.

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