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Jean Thompson featured in The New York Times

Renown author and Urbana resident Jean Thompson’s latest book, She Poured Out Her Heart, has been reviewed by The New York Times, arguably the most prestigious journalistic entity in the world, proving once again the national relevance of Champaign-Urbana’s residents.

The novel’s story features the a friendship that begins in college, and spirals into story of the guilt and risk of adultery as relationships change.


From the review


I sometimes feel — and please forgive the gross oversimplification — that when it comes to engaging a reader, there are just two types of novels. First, there are the mysteriously deft ones that convince you from Page 1, exerting some magical force that arrests all critical powers. And then there are those that earn your attention more gradually, beating you into submission through the sheer energy, quantity and scope of their detail. However hard you try to resist, they won’t let go. “O.K.,” you shout — hands over ears — “I believe you, I really do, and I care!” It should not be read as criticism to say that Jean Thompson’s new novel, “She Poured Out Her Heart,” falls firmly into the second category.

You’ll be able to catch Jean Thompson this September during The Pygmalion Festival‘s literature component, Lit Fest.

Photo by Justine Bursoni

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