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La Casa Cultural Latina responds to the “Build the Wall” event in an awesome way

We wrote about this ridiculous event earlier this week, and La Casa responded in a way that helps restore our faith in humanity. From their Facebook page:

To Our DACA/Undocumented Students:

Many of you may be aware about an event taking place tomorrow on the Quad that attempts to paint a distorted message with regard to our immigrant community, particularly our undocumented students. Often, distorted messages have the intent to criminalize particular members of our community, and once again demonstrate blatant disregard and disdain towards the values of inclusivity that define our campus community. In the current national climate, controversial statements and arguments tend to divide us when we must stand together. To all of our Undocumented/DACAmented students, we welcome you, we care about you, and you belong to our campus.

-La Casa Cultural Latina Professional Staff

Photo from Facebook

Managing Editor

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