After a fairly devastating fire in April, Li'l Porgy's is now open for business, and that makes me very happy. We have a lot of great barbeque options in C-U, but Porgy's holds a special place in my heart.

When I was a new adult, living in a little Urbana duplex with no dishwasher, no storage space, and no washer and dryer, my partner and I spent many hours at the laundromat next to the former Urbana Li'l Porgy's location. After a few laundry sessions smelling the aroma from the pit, we ventured over for some sandwiches and our love for Porgy's was solidified. 

Lucky us, we eventually moved just down the road from the Champaign (now the only) location. In a part of town awash in fast food establishments, it's a welcome local joint to grab food when we aren't up for making dinner. 

I tried to go last night, and the line was quite long. Bad for me, good for Porgy's. I will try again soon. 

Li'l Porgy's Bar-B-Q
1917 W Springfield
M-Su 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Top photo by Julie McClure.