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Listen to Voldrega the Black Mage’s new EP, Hold This L

Voldrega the Black Mage is a rapper in C-U, and he just released his new EP at the end of August, Hold This L, which you can stream below. This is a collaborative EP, produced by The Letter L Beats and mixed and mastered by Humbly G. Black Mage placed second in the recent Champaign Cypher Series tournament, falling to Chase Baby in the Championship bout. Chase Baby recently released an EP of his own, produced by Curb Service.

Check out Hold This L on your platform of choice.

Album art for Hold this L, featuring a gold edging border, and a person wearing a purple wizard outfit, holding a doll in front of the camera. PHoto provide by Artist.
Album art provided by artist.

Hold This L:

  1. Earthbound
  2. Main (Player Two) ft. $oJo DaPoet
  3. Black Magic ft. KD
  4. Blue Moon ft Indigo Pipez
  5. Pyramids

Top image by Robert K Recordings.

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