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Local family in the spotlight on

Check out this inspirational story of a local family by the name of Caulfield and their son Christopher’s dream to play college basketball despite some serious hearing limitations.

Very inspiring, indeed:

True story: my wife, editor Justine Bursoni, finished up her Master’s Degree this past year, and did her student teaching at St. Thomas More, the school where Christopher Caulfield is a pupil and player. Each day before class started, the teacher would ask student’s if they had any prayers that they wanted for people to keep in their hearts. It’s a Catholic school, so, you know — makes sense.

On Oct. 18, a Monday, Christopher was the only person to ask to pray for someone. That person was Robbie Hummel, the Purdue basketball All-American candidate who had just tore his ACL for the second time in eight months, sidelining him for the season once again.

As a psuedo-I-guess-I-like-Purdue fan, Justine was impressed that he spoke up about that, especially in the heart of Illini country.

As a teacher, she said that you could tell he meant it; he’s a good kid.


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