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Local music capsule: August 23, 2013

Another week of past and present C-U music. Check out the past couple here and here.

Absinthe Blind: “The Break (It’s Been There All This Time)”

[[mp3 absinthe_blind_the_break]]

Common Loon: “A Moment of Energy Transfers”

[[mp3 common_loon_a_moment_of_energy_transfers]]

Glifted: “Is There Any Always”

[[mp3 glifted_is_there_any_always]]

Elsinore: “Life Inside an Elephant”

[[mp3 elsinore_life_inside_an_elephant]]

Easter: “All The Things That I Love the Most”

[[mp3 easter_all_the_people_that_i_love_the_most]]

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