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Look at all these trees in C-U

A tree with pinkish leaves in the foreground, and the lush green grass of a park behind it.
Champaign Park District on Facebook

I’m guessing you don’t necessarily take note of all the trees in Champaign-Urbana (unless it is your job or former job or hobby). Arbor Day is April 28th. Inspired by a tweet from the City of Urbana that shared a map of all the city-owned trees, I wanted to remind you, dear reader, that most public tree info is available to you. Urbana has a map of all its trees. So does Champaign. The Champaign Park District does, too (we shared that information in 2021). If you follow these links, you can get information about where and what type of tree is in front of you.

Pretty cool, right?


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