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Love Handles releasing new EP to benefit Courage Connection

So many programs have suffered from the Illinois budget crisis this past year, Courage Connection not excluded. Courage Connection helps domestic violence survivors in the CU area with any and all the support they can gather. It’s great when bands like Love Handles, local indie feminist-rock band, does everything they can to try to help support these crucial community resources. The band will give 100% of the proceeds of their first EP The Empress, release date of June 23rd, in order to raise awareness and funds for Courage Connection.

Love Handles holds strong to the ideas behind Courage Connection  missing stating on their bandcamp, “Love Handles created their first original song, “The Empress,” to sing out about unhealthy relationships, healing from trauma, consent culture, and self-empowerment.” Leaving no one questioning why they would choice to support this specific cause. 

One can preorder The Empress at bandcamp, or stay up to date with the band by following their Facebook Page.

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