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Low Vision Technology Fair happening this Friday, September 25th

PACE, Inc.‘s Low Vision Technology Fair is happening this Friday at the Marketplace Mall from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Here’s some information about the event, below.

Some speakers that are lined up:

  • Dr Lewis, OD specializing in Low Vision from Chittick
  • John Boyle, North Central Territory Manger of Eshenbach
  • Adjunct Professor Shelia Schneider, MFA University of Illinois (and her guide dogs)

Some demo information:

  • Chicago Light House for the Blind is sponsoring E-Sight, which is a deice known for allowing people to see that are legally blind, which will be there to demo.
  • Chicago Light house is joining us bringing approximately 12 tables of assisstive technology devices.
  • Exact Care Pharmacy is joining, and will have prescription packages that can be sent directly to your home. The packages can be in LARGE PRINT or even BRAILLE, designed around your lifestyle.
  • A sign-language interpreter will be on site.
  • Magnified Vision will be joining to explain the devices they offer.

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