Smile Politely

Made in Urbana is feeling crabby

Has late pandemic life left you feelin’ crabby? You’re not alone. Consider feeling your feels with your very own 3D crab cutey courtesy of Made in Urbana. Let Jace Crab sit on your desk and hold your Apple Pencil for you. Wear your crabbiness of your sleeve with an emobroidered Jace Crab sweatshirt, or spread the crabiness around with a series of adorable stickers. Check out the full line, including the Jace Crab Plushy I’m obsessed with, at Made in Urbana’s Etsy shop.   

Oh, and don’t forgot to check the Made in Urbana Facebook page for a look at Matt Wiley’s animated “Every Cowboy Needs a Hat” video because Jace Crab loves to accessorize.  

Top image from the Made in Urbana Etsy site. 

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