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Mary Miller is running against Rodney Davis

Redistricting in Illinois placed current IL-13 rep Rodney Davis in a new district, IL-15. He announced his intention to run in IL-15 about a month ago.

Current IL-15 rep Mary “Hitler was right on one thing” Miller no longer resides in IL-15, but has decided that she will run for re-election, setting up an entertaining primary challenge in the very very red district. Her announcement came on the heels of an endorsement from Donald Trump.

Hot Rod, who was co-chair of Trump’s re-election committee in Illinois, had some words about this development:

Mary Miller is only an outsider in the sense that she doesn’t live in the 15th District. She’s a carpetbagger and Chicagoland native. Miller is so desperate to stay in Congress she’s running in a district she doesn’t live in, just like her husband. The Millers are taking a page out of the Springfield political insider playbook. Politics is their family business.

Even worse, Miller supports the Never Trump ticket for Illinois Governor and refused to vote against Nancy Pelosi’s sham, partisan 1/6 Select Committee. All Mary Miller has to show for her time in Congress is quoting Hitler and voting with Democrats like AOC and the far left squad to defund our military and block a pay raise for our troops. That’s shameful. It’s clear that Mary Miller is all talk, no action.

Rodney Davis is a conservative who gets things done. He’s already been hard at work highlighting his conservative accomplishments and work with President Trump during his time in office. That’s why he’s earned support from countless grassroots Republican leaders in the district. Our campaign looks forward to educating voters on how Rodney is an effective conservative member of Congress and Mary is not.

Davis, who likes to portray himself as some sort of moderate, is now going to have to decide whether to continue that bullshit posture or attempt to out-extremist Miller. 

Grab your popcorn, friends. 

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