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Matt Talbott of HUM first ever solo tour announced

HUM is hard at work on their much-anticipated new record, but in the meantime, lead singer Matt Talbott will embark on his first ever solo tour this fall/winter. He’ll be doing living room shows via Undertow — a management company based in C-U that manages Pedro the Lion, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, and more. HUM’s latest tour stint happened last October.

Perhaps you’re within 300 miles of Champaign-Urbana and interested in hosting a show? Well, here’s your shot — check out the link below for everything about hosting one of these living room shows for Talbott. He’ll be playing HUM songs, some Centaur songs, covers, and more. Pretty awesome. Tickets go on sale September 14th, but the cities and such haven’t been determined/announced at this time.

Here’s the info from the announcement via Undertow:

Matt Talbott from HUM will be embarking on his first ever solo tour. We’re looking for people to host Living Room Shows in November within 300 mile radius of Champaign IL. These shows are hosted by fans in private spaces. Each show limited to 40-60 people. Please read the details below and get in touch right away if live in this area and you’d like to host a show.

Here are a few words from Matt about these shows…

Hi friends. You’re probably wondering what I’m doing here. Me too. Well…my dear friends at Undertow have been asking me for some time to consider doing some living room shows as a solo artist. I’ve been telling them “no” for some time as well. I didn’t feel I had the kind of voice or talent that would lend itself to this kind of performance. I’ve always just been a guy in a band, and, as any of you familiar with my music know, even then I prefer to hide behind a wall of guitars and the unreasonable volume that my band mates and I create.

But the idea remained in the back of my mind, gnawing away. And finding myself wanting to shake up my somewhat stagnate and anxiety laden life, I recently sent Bob at Undertow the following text: “…I wondered if u would be interested in hosting me next Friday at 5:00 for a 5 song mini-set of solo stuff and we find out once and for all if I got what it takes to do this living room scene,” warning further, “I’m telling u rt this minute there will be tears. It could get weird.” Man were there ever and wow did it ever. I was so nervous when I started I could barely get my shaking hands onto the guitar and could hardly make an utterance with my voice. But onward we went, me and my roomful of friends, and it became something beautiful that I felt privileged to be a part of. So many tears. So much joy.

And now I can’t wait to share it with you. So, if you’re into it, I will pack up my ’99 Saab with my shitty nylon string guitar, my sadness, a few Hum songs, a few Centaur songs, a few covers, and some new stuff I have written just for this purpose, and I will come to your house and I will absolutely break your heart too. Yours if you want it.


Deadline for submissions: August 31
Tickets on sale September: September 14 @ 2pm (Central Time)

Thursday, November 1
Friday, November 2
Saturday, November 3
Thursday, November 15
Friday, November 16
Saturday, November 17
Thursday, November 29
Friday, November 30
Saturday, December 01

Can you host a living room show?

We’ll make this as easy as possible for the hosts. All you have to do is let us borrow your space for about 3 hours and check names off the list at the door. In return you’ll get 5 additional free tickets for friends and our eternal gratitude.

Top photo via HUM’s previous tour promo

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