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Matt Yeates is on tour with Death Cab For Cutie right now

You might have seen Matt Yeates‘ name around town in a variety of places — he’s a musician who was in Rebecca Rego & The Trainmen, and has performed with other bands in town as well (Tigerbeat and Windmills comes to mind as well). Yeates works as a production manager, and is currently on tour with Death Cab For Cutie, touring in support of their new record Thank You For Today. Earlier. Earlier this week, I spoke with Yeates briefly when he was in Philadelphia ahead of DCFC’s next show.

I thought it was worth mentioning that someone from Champaign-Urbana was touring with one of the biggest indie rock bands of the last 20 years. Yeates was previously touring with Bonnie Raitt, touring in support of James Taylor.

Here’s some imagery and text from Yeates’ Facebook post, which he allowed me to use. Death Cab performed their classic Transatlanticism in full the other night in Chicago:

When I heard Transatlanticism for the first time, and subsequently when I saw Death Cab for the first time, I knew what I wanted to spend my time doing and to what standard. We’re halfway through the first leg of their current album cycle and tonight in Chicago they played Transatlanticism all the way through to celebrate its 15th anniversary. Pretty cool full-circle moment for me. I couldn’t be happier to contribute to something which has given me so much inspiration and direction. @ Auditorium Theatre

Photos by Yeates

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