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MCORE includes a cool new bike infrastructure on Green Street

The MCORE project has been quite the undertaking, and at times an incovenience, as the heart of Campustown gets torn up. But the results are pretty sweet, for vehicles and for bicycles. There will be a new bike infastructure called a Two-Stage Left Turn Box at the intersections of Green and Goodwin and Green and Wright. Here’s the description:

A Two-Stage Left Turn Box provides an easy way for people who are riding bikes to make left turns on a multilane road. It is a painted green box on the pavement where people can wait, out of the path of motor vehicles, to complete their left turn. The new infrastructure will be located at Green & Goodwin (Summer 2018) as well as Green & Wright (2020).

This has been implemented in other cities, including SeattleSalt Lake City, and Columbus, OH. Follow the links to see how it all works. 

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