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MobileMeter launched today on U of I campus

After launching a few years ago in Champaign, and then in Urbana, MobileMeter has finally arrived on campus at the University of Illinois.

The pay-for-parking mobile app is excellent and easy to use — I use it all of the time — and though that testamonial only goes so far, MobileMeter has continued to expand throughout our cities. Now when you park on campus, you can use the app. Here is one of those meters at Krannert Art Museum today, above.

The one update I’ve noticed since parking on campus today was that you now have to enter your vehicle information, which isn’t required when using in Champaign and Urbana. I’m uncertain whether or not that will change for the other areas, if I get information that confirms/denies this, I will update here.

Photo by Patrick Singer

Executive Editor

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