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Naya is good for sharing

Last week I visited Naya with my spouse in honor of that day that comes ’round once a year where you’re supposed to go out and celebrate your love or whatever. In general, he is not a food sharer, but thankfully the menu at Naya lends itself well to sharing several items, and therefore I got to live out my ultimate dining experience, one where you get to try all the things. The menu is divided into six sections, and while my eventual goal is to have a meal where I try something from each one, we restrained ourselves to four, beginning with the scallop skewers pictured above, then:

Buffalo mozzerella

Japanese fried chicken 

Rigatoni bolognese

We left too full for dessert, unfortunately, but quite happy with our selections. 

212 E Green Street
M-Sa 5 to 10 p.m.

Photos by Julie McClure

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