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New Krukid tune: “Cold as Hell”

“Greetings all. In the midst of A.R.M prepping the March release of the “Two Africans and A Jew” EP Volume 1., as well some major personal and proffessional milestones for the group individually, Krukid, who writes and records neck snapping music at a feverish pace, decided to let off steam by going off on some Banging production from The Young Beat Monster G Mo(4 Shades) to reintroduce y’all to the ARM extended family in this new year. The 6 song(7 if you include the hidden track) treat entitled “The Snow Angel EP” is available at for download. For anyone who has had to deal with the winter season either at present or in the past, this track off the EP is self explanatory and should pretty much hit home. Look out for new A.R.M music hitting you reeeaaal soon, and stay warm.”

Check it:

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