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New outfit Designer Dog releases single

New alternative/garage rock band, Designer Dog releases their first ever single today, “White Picket Fence.” The band consists of members from Finer Feelings and ex members of Penny Horses, not making this their first go around. Designer Dog has become the project that allows these members to really show their personalities outside of their other bands. Honestly, after listening to the little music available on their bandcamp, I’m pretty fucking pumped, this stuff is promising. Definitely lookout for this band in the future.

The band will be playing SvenStock on August 5th and donating any proceeds from the song to Imerman Angels, which is the same cause benefiting from SvenStock.

Check out the song “White Picket Fence” below and if you like it, or music in general and helping a great cause, think about attending SvenStock, more on the festival here.

Photo by Ashley Laine and Remy Tipei.

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