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New ownership to take over Savoy 16 following Goodrich Quality Theaters’ departure this summer

Back in July, it was revealed that the Goodrich Quality Theater group would be parting ways with the Savoy 16 IMAX theater, leaving the future of the space uncertain. In a community with a dwindling number of screens remaining, it was a disappointing and bleak moment. GQT filed for bankrupcy, though they do not own the building itself, which gave hope to the idea that someone somewhere would come along and scoop up the theater space, and new ownership and operators would take it and continue to have it function as a movie theater.

So, credit goes to The News-Gazette and for being on top of this, but it still feels worthwhile to share with our readers. It appears that Phoenix Theatres Entertainment LLC will assume ownership of Savoy 16, a company based in Tennessee, though there is no word on when it will open, and what that really means at this point. The pandemic has created many question marks, but for now, it is a positive thing that the theater will remain.

Top image from Google Maps.

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