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Of course Suburban Express sent out a super racist promotional email

It is well known that Suburban Express is a shit stain of a company. Owner Dennis Toeppen has a history of online harassment. In 2015, we reported about them posting a racist tirade about a Chinese student’s Yelp reviews. 

Today, more of the same. In a promotion sent out to their email list, they assure their potential riders that they will be seated next to “passengers like you” and you “won’t feel like you’re in China when you are on our buses.”

They sent out an apology, evidently, that isn’t anything remotely close to one: 

But nothing is shocking anymore.

Our President is a known sexual predator, and a Nazi sympathizer, and has the support of our most prominent elected official in Congressman Rodney Davis, who represents Champaign-Urbana. 

The GOP just passed one of the worst tax bills in the history of the country, telling bald-faced lies to the electorate. 

And one of the most powerful neo-con hawks in recent history, Michael Flynn, is about to take down the entire administration to save his own, sorry, pathetic ass. 

Evidently, this is just America in 2017.

Fantastic. Just perfect. Really, just perfect. 

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