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Okay, I’ll try to be excited about spring

Close up of sakura blossoms on a tree, delicate pinkish white flowers
Julie McClure

The vernal equinox is upon us, falling on Tuesday, March 19th this year. Honestly, I don’t love spring. It seems like a season I should love. It’s supposed to be about things growing, temps getting warmer, days getting longer, new beginnings, etc. And yeah, I guess. When I was in school that stretch between the end of spring break and end of school was so long. I love getting an occasional 70 degree day, but not when it’s accompanied by 30 mph winds. Also now I’m acutely aware of March in particular being the anniversary of the end of the before times and that puts me in a certain mood.

Anyways, to quell my bah-humbugness about this season that just makes me want it be summer already, here are a few good things about this time of year.

  • College basketball. It’s the one sport I really follow (except for my kid’s sports), and I love tournament time. As an Illinois fan it’s also a stressful time, but I’ve learned to go in with low expectations.
  • Flowering trees. Japan House is obviously the gold standard here, with their sakura blooming in April (fingers crossed for better blooms this year), 
  • Fun annual events. The month of April brings Boneyard Arts FestivalEbertfest, the marathon, and the Engineering and Beckman Institute Open Houses and those things are pretty cool. 
  • Easter candy. Whether you celebrate or not, it should be acknowledged that it’s the best candy holiday.
  • The return of our annual March tournament. Okay, a bit of a shameless plug, but our 2024 tournament begins next week. Stay tuned for a bracket announcement on Monday! 

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