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On a warm day, smoothies from Strawberry Fields are where it’s at

I was driving away from Downtown Urbana today after running around to SeeYou CD & Vinyl, as well as a stop at the City of Urbana building. Various things on an afternoon — a beauty of a day, you know? Windows down and shit. Playing the new Blood Orange album that just came out. Typical Patrick Singer stuff. I’m boring.

My next meeting was on campus, and while driving down Springfield Avenue, I saw this sign:

That looks very chill, indeed. I briefly thought of the iced coffee at Flying Machine for a minute. Granted, this wasn’t taken while driving — don’t worry. After my meeting finished up, and I walked outside, I said damn — that sounds really good right now. So, I make a short little trip back towards Downtown Urbana to Strawberry Fields

There are lotsa options for these smoothies — many combinations of fruits (blueberries, strawberries, peaches, etc) and liquids (milk, orange juice, apple juice, etc) — so I asked the gentleman behind the counter what he recommended.

He suggested this one that you see here, strawberries and peaches mixed with orange juice.

As you can see in the top photo, there’s some of that smoothie already in the straw, I couldn’t make it out of the store, admittedly, without trying some of it first. And for only $5, no less, for some freshness on a warm afternoon.

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