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Open Mic Night at The Red Herring

Carry the Fire — a student-run organization dedicated to investigating and speaking out about human trafficking — is hosting an Open Mic Night this Thursday, February 28, from 7:00–9:00 p.m. The event will take place at the Red Herring. The host, David Huettner, has stated publicly, “While the theme of human trafficking/modern slavery will be incorporated throughout the night, the overarching theme will be Oppression, of any form, in any shape, by any style.”

While attendees are encouraged to bring and perform material — original or otherwise — on this theme, it is not a stipulation. While all are invited to perform, one may simply enjoy the atmosphere … as well as some good vegetarian food and a hot cup of coffee. The group welcomes spoken word, prose reading, musical pieces, interpretive dance, and non-fiction works, among other mediums. Essentially, anything suitable for a coffeehouse environment is acceptable.

The Open Mic Night’s aim is also to promote the Not For Sale Tour, which is coming to the UIUC campus March 8 and 9. David Batstone (founder of the non-profit anti-human trafficking organization Not For Sale) and Carry the Fire will be featuring a two-day educational conference on the topic of human trafficking and on efforts to abolish modern day slavery.

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