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Operation Caring Closets will help students with basic needs

A collection of school supplies: A small red spiral notebook, yellow folder, black zipper pouch, and rainbow spiral notebook. Two ball point pens sit on the yellow folder.

CU Schools Foundation and United Way of Champaign County are partnering with Unit 4 and District 116 schools to add a layer of support for students that may have trouble affording things like school supplies, hygiene items, winter clothing, and more.

For Operation Caring Closets, Each school district has created a wishlist on Amazon that are specifically curated with the needs of their students in mind. Community members can purchase items to add to the “caring closets” the districts have set up for students to utilize when the need arises.

When you select items for purchase from one of the wishlists, be sure to select the appropriate gift registry address, so that the items go directly to the school district.

  • Urbana District #116 shipping address: Select Jeniece Mitchell Urbana School District #116’s Gift Registry Address
  • Champaign Unit 4 shipping address: Select Champaign Unit 4’s Gift Registry Address.

It’s hard to be successful at school if you are worrying about having what you need to feel safe, cared for, and prepared. This seems like a simple way to help! You can also donate directly to the cause through CU Schools Foundation. Choose Connections Fund on the donation site.

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