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Orphans to replace Bengal Tiger at Station Theatre

Sometimes good ideas don’t work out; and sometimes, when they don’t, better ideas come along.

As previously reported by Smile Politely, the Station Theatre had planned to produce Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo, a play by Rajiv Joseph to be directed by Tim O’Neal. It was a gutsy choice—a great play with truly interesting characters and opportunities. But, alas, casting the play became problematic. And so, in another bold move, the show has been replaced with Lyle Kessler’s Orphans.

The plot of the play concerns two less-than-legit brothers who kidnap a crime boss. You might remember this play from its brief Broadway run last year, during which the dust-up between co-stars Alec Baldwin and Shia LaBeouf led to LaBeouf’s exit from the show and overshadowed the play itself. That show, under the direction of local legend (and worldwide luminary) Daniel Sullivan, went on to star Baldwin, Tom Sturridge, and Ben Foster (who replaced LaBeouf.

The Station Theatre staging of this work will be directed by Tim O’Neal, will be costumed by Smile Politely’s own Thom Schnarre (who will also produce), and will star Station veterans Lincoln Machula, Max Tomaszewski, and Coy Benning Wentworth.

Expect more from Smile Politely on this matter, and strap in for what should be quite a show.

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