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Page Roasting Company to open in Midtown

A new coffee roastery will be hoping to open its doors in Midtown by Fall. Page Roasting Company, which provided high-quality beans, will open up shop at 202 S. 1st St., in the Flying Machine Avionics building just south of Dallas & Company.

For more information, check out the press release below:

Champaign, IL ( June 16, 2017) —Page Roasting Company will be opening at 202 S. 1st St. in Champaign’s newly developing Midtown. Located inside Flying Machine Avionics – the second location of the Urbana favorite – the businesses hope to open their doors in early fall.

Erin Erdman, owner and operator, aims to fill the local specialty coffee roasting niche by offering small-batch, manually roasted, high quality coffee beans. Alternating single origins in addition to a few consistently available blends will be offered in multiple sizes, whole bean or ground. The coffee, along with select merchandise and brewing equipment will be available for purchase locally and through the website.

Erdman received her B.L.A.S in Philosophy at UIUC and has worked in the coffee & service industries since the age of 14 as a barista, waitress, roaster, and sales-person. “In my pre-teen years, I starkly transitioned between wanting to become POTUS to having a sharp interest in vague existential queries and declaring to my parents that I’d be happy to work in coffee shops for the rest of my life,” said Erdman, 28. As the woman-owned company opens and establishes roots, Erdman will be running the entire operation, from roasting to packaging.

Page will begin offering brewing classes and coffee cuppings (tastings) within the first few months of opening. Make sure to check out their website and stay up to date by following them on social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) and their blog.

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