Smile Politely

Papa Del’s has the best wings in C-U

I know this is a contentious subject. Quite frankly, Champaign-Urbana is filled with awesome wing spots (that we will dive more into later) and I’m sorry to hurt anyone’s feelings, but Papa Del’s has the best wings in town.

Just look at ’em.

They’re marinated all day, the chicken is top quality and tender (not rubbery at all, like many wings I’ve come across), and it comes together for one awesome tornado of flavor. Though the buffalo sauce (pictured, left) forms the ultimate wing, the dry rub (pictured, right) is nearly as delicious.

I know one may typically not think about Papa Del’s for wings, especially if you’re going with the mission of devouring a deep-dish pizza, but I implore you to try it out. It seriously is the best wing in town.

Keep your eyes on our Food + Drink section, as we will have a definitive ranking soon enough. Until then, stop by Del’s and get yourself 12 wings. It’ll be the best decision you’ve made all week. I promise.

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