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Parkland has a ton of summer offerings for kids and teens

Summer is approaching quickly, and if you are someone who has kids living under your roof that means they will be home. All the time. Complaining about how bored they are. 

I feel like Parkland’s College for Kids is a pretty well-known program throughout the community, and every time I peruse the class selections I’m amazed at all they offer: Chinese, app creation, movie making, improv, to throw a few examples out there.

However, I only recently became aware of how teens can benefit from Parkland programming in the summer. As the parent of a tween and teen, I often hear laments about the lack of structured summer activities for that age group. Admittedly, once kids reach that age they are generally over being signed up for stuff by their parents. BUT, Parkland has some summer camps that cover super specific topics, that could get some kids checking out career fields they may not have considered: Land surveying, welding, CSI, collision repair…you can see the full list here.

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