Smile Politely

Peace activists disrupt CIA recruitment on campus

From an AWARE email list:

“On April 9, members of the Campus Antiwar Network, Iraq Veterans Against the War, and the International Socialist Organization joined forces for a third annual protest against the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) recruitment session at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.”

“Outside the session door, one activist donned a black Grim Reaper cloak and stood with arms extended on a milk crate to greet potential recruits and remind them of the brutal atrocities conducted at Abu Ghraib with CIA complicity.  Another used a simple pillowcase as a hood and kneeled with arms clasped behind his back to show the treatment by prisoners common at Bagram Air Base and Guantánamo.”

“Campus police showed up at the request of the CIA operative in attendance who, according to the officers, requested to ‘have us removed.’  However, the policemen checked our campus IDs and then notified us that we could stay as long as we did not impede traffic.  Five minutes later after our continued vigilance, we were thrilled when we heard that the CIA would cancel the session.”

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