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PechaKucha Night CU Vol. 29 will be March 30th

This regular event is about to approach the 10th anniversary of its inaugural outing in September of 2009. 

This spring’s offering will have the theme “Making Space For Women”

Interested in presenting? Applications are being accepted now! Here are some things to consider, from the CUDO website:

PechaKucha presenters come from a wide range of fields — activists, architects, artists, chefs, coolhunters, critics, designers, dreamers, entrepreneurs, fashionistas, historians, makers, photographers, and scientists, to name a few.

The most important thing about your PK presentation is that you love your subject matter. Though you will have only 6 min. and 40 sec. to deliver your final presentation, an ideal topic is one you could talk about for hours. We look forward to your submissions and delving into your creative brain! Please note that if you don’t get chosen for the next PK, we keep your application and may get in touch with you to present at a later volume.

Vol. 29 will be presented on March 30th beginning at 8:20 p.m. at the Virginia Theatre.

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