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Penny Horses, Waterfowl detail new albums for release October 30th

A couple of local outfits are planning to release albums of their own next Friday, October 30th at Cowboy Monkey: Penny Horses and Waterfowl. They’ll do so alongside Flamingo and Finer Feelings, and we have the info about each record here, complete with track listings, album art, and a brand new song from Penny Horses:

PENNY HORSES: A Place To Rest Your Dead

  1. Me & the Dead
  2. A Game of Cards
  3. Hole In My Head
  4. Devil’s Shoes
  5. Meth Head Mary
  6. American Boys
  7. Drowning Tub
  8. Get Off Judith
  9. 29 Pills
  10. Let’s Call It Off
  11. Beast

Stream a brand new track, “Hole In My Head” here:

A couple other tracks are available over at Ghost Track.

WATERFOWL: Waterfowl

  1. Mind Fights
  2. Madeline
  3. Diamond Ring
  4. Moline
  5. Tennessee
  6. County Line
  7. Foghorns
  8. Imposter
  9. Fire
  10. Old Guilt
  11. Your Trouble Is On My Mind
  12. Up Against the Wall

Stream “Fire”:

Check out Waterfowl on Bandcamp and listen to more of their tracks.

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