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Planned Parenthood of Champaign now offers surgical abortions

Planned Parenthood’s Champaign Health Center has upgraded their facilities and expanded their staff to be able to provide in-clinic, or surgical, abortions. Surgical abortions can be performed until 22 weeks into pregnancy. 

Last year we wrote about the lack of abortion services in Champaign and the immediate surrounding area. This expansion provides much-needed services to the people of East Central Illinois, as well as all the other people who are coming from Indiana, where abortion as been effectively banned. People seeking surgical abortions no longer need to drive all the way to Springfield, or potentially even further. 

Planned Parenthood provides medical care to everyone: women, men, non-binary, and trans people. If you need to see a doctor, book your appointment online

Top image from the Planned Parenthood Illinois Action Facebook page.


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