Smile Politely

Poet for hire in Downtown Champaign

Sunday evening I was enjoying a brew at the Blind Pig Co. on walnut street when a slight fellow with a cap, type writer and sign that said “poet for hire” sat down in front of Cakes on Walnut. It was good luck because I was craving a poem at the time so I approached him. He asked me what I’d like a poem about to which I answered, “singing in the shower.” He encouraged me to sit back down and continue sipping my beer while he tattered out a few lines. Approximately 10 minutes later, 1 beer down, and an order of fried broccoli placed, I wondered back over to him and alas, he was finished. I asked him to read it and so he did. Suggested donation was $5-10. He’ll be here through the weekend and then he’s hitting the road.

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