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Poet Naveen Rimah to read at the Lit on June 16th

Listen to poet Naveen Rimah read from their collection Scattered Mind on Thursday, June 16, at The Lit in Downtown Champaign. 

Scattered Mind has been described as follows:

“a book of poetry and pose—naveen rimah’s debut book scattered mind explores ideas of femininity, love, loss, lust, hope, and dreams. divided into 3 chapters, each deals with a different pain. heals a different heartache. scattered mind takes readers through a whirlwind of a journey inside a mess of a mind, coming out seeing the little things in life. that overtime will in turn help you grow.”

Reading by Naveen Rimah
June 16th, 6 p.m.
The Literary
122 N Neil Street

Top image from Facebook. 

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