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Polyvinyl Records branches out, buys Nitaya Thai

After noticing the obscene amount of money made by food trucks in Austin, TX, Polyvinyl Records has acquired local Thai establishment Nitaya Thai.

“It’s a pretty wild story,” co-founder Matt Lunsford said. “We were pretty impressed by all of the food trucks around the Polyvinyl Showcase in Austin a few weeks ago and thought we should get into the restaurant industry. A few days later I had a restaurant. I’m hoping someone comes by soon with more products because we seem pretty low on those noodles back there.”

Lunsford has no experience in owning any restaurants before and chose Nitaya Thai because he had a “pretty good pad thai there last week.”

Though common knowledge is that 9 out of 10 new restaurants fail in their first year, the folks at Polyvinyl seem pretty intent on reaching their tentacles into other restaurant spaces in the community before too long.

“I had a really big burger at this place called Farren’s the other night,” Lunsford said. “I might like to buy that restaurant too! The sky’s the limit with us, really. We’re just excited to enter an industry where we can throw out our leftovers instead of waiting to sell them in our carefully constructed, yearly garage sale. By the way, do you want to buy this Red Hot Valentines CD?”

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