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Polyvinyl Records to distribute Anthology of Emo Volume 1

Anthology of Emo Volume 1 a book edited by Tom Mullen of Washed Up Emo — spotlighting the music genre known as “emo” and Polyvinyl Records is distributing the book, and has a heavy influence throughout.

From a press release by Tom Mullen on Pitchfork:

“My dream for all of this? That the history of emo isn’t just mentioning eyeliner, white belts and black hair dye. That’s definitely part of the history, but not the whole history. The genre deserves a serious take without the internet jabs and condescending reviews. Emo’s history was snagged by one era—that I love some of the bands from—still to this day, it’s held on with that notion of being a joke, phase and, heaven forbid, nostalgic. Reading these interviews, regardless of your favorite era, should hopefully give you a wider sense and appreciation for the word and the genre as a whole.”

The book features interviews with: Dan Didier & Davey Von Bohlen, Norman Brannon, Chris Carrabba, Mike Kinsella, Chris Leo, Caithlin De Marrais, Kaia Fischer & William Kuehn, Matt Pryor, Eric Richter, Blair Shehan and Chris Simpson.

Check out the Anthology of Emo: Volume 1 playlist and pre-order here.

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