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Prairie Fruits Farm’s Instagram feed is getting me through each day

It’s the little things, right? And those little things right now are very short Instagram stories and very little baby goats.

I mentioned PFF’s IG feed in our last Weekender (we’re on hiatus, since, you know, there are no more weekends), but it’s worth repeating again.

Whoever is running the feed: Thank you. You are doing a fantastic job, and I am here for your humor. I can’t really express just how much joy I experience when I see those weird little faces on my phone screen.

Here’s one of my favorites; turn your sound on:





Hope you are having a fabulous day. Cuteness alert>>sound on. #happywednesday #cutenessoverload #howyoudoing #hello

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If you’re not on IG, it’s worth making an account just so you can follow Prairie Fruits Farm. If you are on IG, this is a must follow.

Looking for more ways to support our beloved goat farm? Order some cheese or merch online, or head to Urbana’s Market in the Square to purchase goodies on Saturdays.

Top image screenshot from PFF’s Instagram page.


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