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Priest falsely accused of advocating for gay people, sues

Rev. Michael McMahon, Headmaster of the Notre Dame de La Salette Boys Academy in Georgetown, is alleging that he was defamed by the Paxton Record when they associated him with a letter to the editor supporting the rights of people who are gay. He is suing the Record and its publisher, The News-Gazette. 

According to the Gazette, “the letter purports to be from a Michael McMahon who is identified as president of the Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Association of Vermilion County, which lists the academy’s address and phone number as its own.”

John Foreman does not think these are reasonable grounds for a lawsuit:

“We don’t believe that Father McMahon was defamed by a letter suggesting he was sympathetic to the societal problems faced by gay people. That’s not defamatory.”

McMahon — who apparently thinks that supporting the civil rights of people who identify as being gay (or whatever) is not what Jesus would do — feels that by merely suggesting such, the letter published by the Record has emotionally rattled him so much that he’s inhibited from doing his job.

Read the whole saga here.


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