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Professor Alison Bell awarded Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship

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Brian Stauffer

Evolution, ecology and behavior Professor Alison Bell has been awarded a 2024 Guggenheim Fellowship. Bell was awarded among “188 writers, scholars, artists and scientists chosen through a rigorous peer-review process from nearly 3,000 applicants”.

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences touches on Bell’s expertise:

[Bell] studies the evolution of behavior in the three-spined stickleback fish. She is a pioneer in the study of animal personality, using genomics and other tools to understand the causes and consequences of individual behavior differences

Prof. Bell was one of two faculty elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences, alongside Charles Gammie, a professor of astronomy and physics. University of Illinois creative writing professor Janice N. Harrington and history professor David Sepkoski each received a 2020 Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship. 

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