Smile Politely

Red Herring 4/3/09 pics and video

Sorry this is so late, but here are a few pics and a video from Friday’s show at the Red Herring. There was a Shakespearean play going on upstairs, and a member of the cast came downstairs and said the music was fine, but if we could snap our fingers instead of clap, that would be great. So Carl Hauck didn’t get the ovation he deserved.

And by the time Casados took the stage, there had been enough stomping from our overhead neighbors that clapping was back in vogue.

Good Night and Good Morning played some cool, trancy music with just a guitar and a vibraphone, and projected old Super 8 movies onto a sheet while they played.

Up next was Kalamazoo, Michigan’s Glowfriends, who also rocked the vibraphone. None of the pictures I took came out, so here’s a shot from their Myspace:

At this point, I went home to bed, so I missed So Long Forgotten. Sorry about that, guys.

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