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Refugee families in C-U: Here’s how you can share your story

Even a small community like ours has been impacted by the global refugee crisis. Yet, what we know about refugees is usually handed down by media outlets and incorrect/misinfomed assumptions. Refugees, like people from other diverse backgrounds, have a wealth of knowledge waiting to be shared.

I am a graduate student in the education department at U of I, and I would like to collect family stories as part of my research. Do you know of a refugee family with small children that would like to participate? Would you want me to come to a function and provide additional information about this project?

I have to disclose that I have not been successful in getting a response from the organizations one may contact for this and thus, so I come here to see if anyone can help. (I only say this to deter people from asking me to contact the usual places.)

Please email me at: [email protected] for additional information.

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