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REO brings this ship into the shore of the Virginia Theatre UPDATED

Today in concert news that would excite my wife if this wasn’t six days before her due date. From the Virginia Theatre eNewsletter:

REO Speedwagon 
Friday, May 27th 
Show time: 8pm
Virginia Theatre
Champaign, IL

ON SALE FRIDAY, March 25 at 10am

CHARGE BY PHONE 217-356-9063
Ticket prices $69.50-59.50-47.00
Date and time subject to change.
Phone charge, internet and outlet orders subject to convenience fee.

UPDATE: When we’re not trying really hard to make up things about sweet old men who deserve to be mayor because they’ve got nothing better to do*, SP’s editors are generally exchanging emails that take down other local sacred cows. Here’s a prime example that should provide plenty of fodder for the commenters who suggest we have nothing better to do with our lives:

Editor 1: Listen NAME REDACTED, this has nothing to do with you.  It’s really about my personal relationship with REO, who take me to places I alone could never find.

Editor 2: I think you should both take your Sweet Time and Keep the Fire Burnin’. Soon enough, REO will Take it on the Run and be Back on the Road Again and Blazing Your Own Trail Again, and you won’t be able to Roll With the Changes. You may have Heard it from a Friend that they’re going to Keep on Loving You, but I Can’t Fight This Feeling that they’re just on to the next town who’ll pay 50 or 75 bucks to hear them play 20 nearly-identical songs. That Ain’t Love, not even Half Way. They may think they’re Tough Guys, but Every Now and Then I don’t know what they’re thinking. Yeah, Like You Do? OK, that’s enough. It’s Time for Me to Fly.

* I just realized that Champaign mayor and Wal-Mart greeter apparently have the same job qualification.

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