Smile Politely

Rodney Davis, confirmed asshole, joins Donald Trump’s campaign

From a purely logistical perspective, Donald Trump’s ascension in American politics is at least understandable – a ton of (ignorant) Americans are (wrongly) angry at immigrants, scared by fabricated international threats, and driven by ignorance and hatred, leading to the rise of a truly vile candidate who threatens so many of us so explicitly under the guise of “safety” and “prosperity.”

What is more surprising than Trump’s rise, however, is the amount of Republicans who have been flocking to support him, even though they surely have enough brain cells to choose otherwise.

Today, we can add our very own U.S. Representative, Rodney Davis, to the list of completely scared and cowardly morons who are supporting Donald Trump, presumably as a way to boost his own campaign by shifting even further to the right wing in an attempt to woo some Central Illinoisians to Trump’s side, and vice versa. Today, Congressman Davis has abandoned the rational sect of the GOP (including Illinois Senator Mark Kirk) and has taken a position on the Trump campaign, as a member of his “Agricultural Advisory Committee.”

Rodney, surely you have a stronger moral compass than that, right? I mean seriously, Trump actually advocated for a complete ban of a group of people due to their religion (remind you of anything?). Just last week, he incited 2nd Amendment Supporters by vaguely using them to threaten his opponent’s life.

For someone like Rep. Davis, who is constantly on their moral high horse when it comes to telling a woman what she can and can’t do with her body, the fact that he would stoop so low to support such a truly vile candidate is disgusting and so obviously opportunistic that it should make any constituent question his decision-making ability as a legislator, let alone the moral high ground he props himself up on.

So please, Rodney, accept my most thoughtful and heartfelt “fuck you.” You’re the worst. Bruce Rauner hasn’t even stooped to this level yet.

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