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Rodney Davis gets a taste of his own medicine, does not enjoy it

Rodney Davis is hopping mad that Democrats are moving H.R. 1 through Congress:

“This bill is being rushed to the floor of the House for political reasons instead of good policy,” Davis said. “I’m for open processes. You know what? This is an epiphany. All of you who said we didn’t have enough hearings on the tax bill or the health care bill? You were right. You were right! Why are you doing the same thing to us, when you take control?”

His Twitter feed is a steady stream of hysteria over the Democrat’s anti-corruption bill. It’s easy to see why a politician like Davis would be so vehemently opposed, H.R. 1 is a bill that:

  • Ends partisan gerrymandering, letting voters choose their politicians and not the other way around
  • Expands access to and improves the security of our elections by instituting Automatic Voter Registration nation-wide and beefing up election security
  • Severely limits the influence of dark-money in our elections and ends Citizens United
  • Gives the FEC the ability to actually hold politicians/campaigns accountable
  • Makes election day a national holiday

All of this spells trouble for someone like Davis, but he can’t say that, so he’s pretending he actually cares about the legislative process instead. That process couldn’t have mattered less to Davis when Republicans were using their majority to force the AHCA through the house (quite literally behind closed doors), or voting on the GOP Tax bill before the CBO could even score it, or lambasting Democrats for refusing to attend hearings for the bill that the GOP literally didn’t hold. Things have changed though, apparently. Now that Democrats are using their majority to move legislation through the house (except this time we actually know what’s in the bill, and the GOP was able to introduce amendments) Davis is a passionate advocate for norms and codes of honor.

I take Rep. Davis’ concerns over improving the security and accessibility of our elections about as seriously as he took mine when he was working to take healthcare from tens of millions of people, or blowing a 1.5 trillion hole in the deficit so his donors could get a tax cut. Which is to say I am thoroughly enjoying the petulant tantrum he’s throwing at having to deal with the consequences of his actions.

Thanks for the laugh, Rep. Davis.

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