Smile Politely

Rodney Davis had a hell of a segment on CNN yesterday

Yesterday, our beloved Rodney “Hot Rod” Davis stopped by CNN to talk about the Republican Senate’s (now-failed) healthcare bill. Normally, I would tell you to fast forward to a certain part of the video but this one is pretty good from the very start:

As you can suspect, things get a little fishy right off of the bat, with Davis almost instantly blaming Democrats and opposers for “vitriolic” statements surrounding health care.

Let us make no mistake, Rodney – if the Senate’s bill had passed, leaving 22 million people without health insurance by 2026 (as the Congressional Budget Office predicts), people absolutely will die. That’s guaranteed. There is no hyperbole about that. No health insurance = no affordable health care = death, in many cases.

Davis then goes on to urge Democrats to “come to the table with your solutions,” which is ironic, because Democrats were locked out of writing, or even seeing, the new health care bill that the Senate had drafted before it was released to the general public. C’mon, Rod. This is a new level of irony, even for you

Desperate times call for desperate rhetoric, and when tens of millions of people in this country are going to have their health care stripped away, we’re gonna use some mean words. Sorry, but I’m sure you can understand that, right? That’s one of the main tenants of Political Science 101. You can’t just pull away a broad-sweeping social service and then tell people to “get over it and stop being mad”; it doesn’t work that way.

What’s paramountly worse, however, is the lack of any type of sympathy on Rep. Davis’ part. Instead of telling people that he understands their concerns about potentially losing health care, he lambastes them for using mean words and tells them to get a job so they can be on their employer’s health plan

Something here doesn’t quite add up, Rod.

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