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Rodney Davis is running in IL-15

Now that Governor Pritzker has officially signed the new congressional maps into law, Rodney Davis has declared that he will not run for governor and will run for Congress in IL-15. The new map places Davis’ hometown of Taylorville in IL-15 rather than IL-13, and gives him a pretty clear path to maintain his place in Congress. His new district does not have nearly as many pesky Democrats. 

This statement from Davis is funny:

I’ve been proud to fight hard for and work on behalf of central Illinois families in this district for many years, both as a member of Congress and as a staffer to my good friend and mentor, former Congressman John Shimkus.

Funny, because he never really seemed to be interested in even acknowledging half of his constituents. 

What’s really important though, is that he has very defined policy goals for the next term:

Democrats in Washington have put our nation in crisis with their big government, socialist schemes and dreams. Republicans are primed to retake the House next year, and I’m ready to work with a new Republican majority to finally fire Nancy Pelosi and hold the Biden Administration accountable for their massive failures. I look forward to campaigning hard and earning every vote in this district over the next year.

While it’s unfortunate that he will likely still be a member of Congress, at least he won’t be ours. Peace out Rodney. Thanks for nothing. 

Top photo from Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images.

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