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Rodney Davis says he’ll meet with the media; only meets with media he likes

As we know, our ever-missing congressman Rodney Davis is in town this week, and even meeting with constituents (at 2 p.m. this afternoon on Fox Drive if anyone is interested). In addition, he’s holding an event for media today at Curtis Orchard in west Champaign, where he will be touring and learning about bee production in central Illinois.

Notice that the event is for media in Champaign-Urbana. Guess who didn’t get an invite?

It’s not that we’re heartbroken, Rodney. We’re not, though we would have loved to have eaten apple doughnuts and had a serious talk with you. But truth be told, this picking sides between the media is a very dangerous slope to go down. This Trump-era selective partisan media framing is quite literally tearing at the core of American democracy, and now, Rep. Rod, you are complicit.

Invite the media you want, paint the picture you want, and it’s like the bad stuff never happened. It’s a very scary road to go down when this type of freedom becomes compromised.

For instance — The News-Gazette gets an invite, here’s our friend Tom Kacich on the scene:

Read Gale’s conversation with the communication director for Rodney Davis here. It appears that Davis is only prepared to invite and communicate with media he approves of.

In addition, and not to throw shade on every person who works for every one of these companies, but here are a list of your friends and neighbors who are both hosting and financially supporting our extremely cowardly and mostly shit for brains Representative Rodney fucking Davis.
Here’s an email invite from the Champaign County Republican Party:
  • Board member -Busey Bank; News-Gazette (Downey)
  • Former co-owner of O’Brien Autopark (Turner) 
  • Partner at Meyer Capel (Sholem)
  • BPC (Habeeb)
  • Christie Foundation (King)
  • Former owner – TriStar Mobil Superpantry (Stewart)
  • MJ Reed (Reed)
  • Champaign Asphalt Company (Lamb)
  • Coldwell Banker Devonshire Realty (Harrington)
  • Farm Credit Illinois (Tracy) 
  • WDWS/WHMS (Downey) 
  • Berns Clancy (Berns)
  • HL Precision Manufacturing (Hillard)
  • BankChampaign (Ballard)
  • Central Illinois Manufacturing Company; Parkland College Trustee (Ayers)

There’s a fundraising event tonight in Champaign-Urbana. Check out the information above, and find out where… somehow.

At the time of publishing, we’re awaiting word from legal counsel to determine whether we can publish the address of the fundraiser or not.

Top image by Cameron Raab.

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