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Rodney Davis sponsors bill to protect motorcycle noise

No, there was no typo in that headline. Rodney Davis is not sponsoring a bill to protect you from motorcycle noise. He’s sponsoring a bill to protect the noise itself.

HR 318 seeks to curtail “profiling” of motorcycles by law enforcement. In short, cops should not enforce noise ordinances because its unfair to people who want to break the law.

Reminder: The loudest motorcycles are also the worst air polluters. The average motorbike is about 10 times more polluting per mile than a passenger car, light truck or SUV, according to a California Air Resources Board.

That’s because noise is achieved by removing exhaust systems and replacing them with “straight pipe.” When a Harley roars past Kopi, look for the long shiny tube of chrome on its lower rear. That’s the pipe that conveys untreated exhaust directly into the environment.

Next time you pause a conversation to allow a fleet of Hogs to pass by, thank your Congressman for protecting their “freedom.”

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