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Royse + Brinkmeyer is creating an urban farm

Royse + Brinkmeyer apartments are partnering with U of I Extension and the College of ACES to create an urban farm at 611 W. Healey in Champaign. 

Students within the Metropolitan Food and Environmental Systems (MFST) program (I just learned this program was a thing!) at the University of Illinois are working on the project. There are currently composting bins available for residents to use, but there will eventually be gardening plots that they can utilize to grow their own food, something that isn’t easy for apartment dwellers to do. Royse + Brinkmeyer is providing the space and supplies needed, and the U of I Extension and MFST program are working on the design. 

From Marketing Manager Amanda Royse, “We would like to provide our residents the space, platform, and knowledge to grow their own food, flowers, or herbs at home as well as create a shared community space for people to come together and get to know one another.”

You can read about one of the students involved in the project here

Photo from Royse + Brinkmeyer Facebook page. 

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